Australian comedian perfectly sums up why other countries think US gun laws are crazy – Zack Beauchamp / Vox

jim jefferies.jpgreThe assault on the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, is officially the deadliest mass shooting in American history — with 50 people dead (including the shooter) and over 50 more wounded. The shooter has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, and he appears to have pledged allegiance to ISIS before the attack.

The shooting raises questions about why the United States, which has by far the highest rate of gun violence in the developed world, makes it so easy to acquire guns.

This baffles people from other countries — for reasons that Australian comedian Jim Jefferies explains in a bit from his 2014 Netflix special, which we’ve noted before. Jefferies was actually attacked in his home and tied up while captors threatened to rape his girlfriend. But instead of making him pro-gun, it taught Jefferies that a gun would never have protected him — “I was naked at the time. I wasn’t wearing my holster.”

Instead, Jefferies says, he decided that America’s approach to gun violence is totally bonkers.

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