Race Inquiry Digest – Important Current Stories on Race in America / March 23 , 2017

The following are important stories on race that have been selected to inform and educate our readers: Current news, historical perspective, book/video favorites, collegiate issues, and sports.

Featured – Race and Wrongful Convictions in the United States. African Americans are only 13% of the American population but a majority of innocent defendants wrongfully convicted of crimes and later exonerated.

Why Does Donald Trump Demonize Cities? “Our inner cities are a disaster,” he declared in a campaign debate. “You get shot walking to the store. They have no education. They have no jobs.”


Deportation of African and Other Black Immigrants Is Quietly Increasing And No One Is Taking Note .


I’m a bit brown. But in America I’m white. Not for much longer.


What ‘white folks who teach in the hood’ get wrong about education.


“The Lost Negroes of North America ” – WVON interviews Ralph L. Crowder III.


A Republican Health Care Bill in Search of a Problem.


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