Race Inquiry Digest (April 10) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Not enough time, too many news sources. The following are compelling stories on race that have been selected to inform our readers.

Feature – How Jeff Sessions wants to bring back the war on drugs. Law enforcement officials say that Sessions and Cook are preparing a plan to prosecute more drug and gun cases and pursue mandatory minimum sentences. Read more

America’s forgotten crisis: Native men, women and children occupy the most severely overcrowded and rundown homes in the United States – but their plight is largely ignored. Read more

How We Misunderstand Mass Incarceration. A new book argues that, in the effort to fix the prison epidemic, we are addressing the wrong things and missing the true problem. Read more

Why black  lives still matter. Three years after BLM launched a nationwide uprising against police violence, what’s next for the movement? Read more

The Fire Last Time – An elite police squad was supposed to clean up the streets of 1970s Detroit. Instead, it terrorized African Americans, and turned the city into a battleground. Read more

The new champions of school integration. The Department of Education killed a federal program supporting diversity efforts, but the fight to desegregate the nation’s classroom is far from over. Read more

Donald Trump, Jews and the myth of race:  Jews gradually became “white,” and how that changed America. Until the 1940s, Jews in America were considered a separate race. Their journey to whiteness has important lessons. Read more 

Federal judge approves Baltimore police consent decree. A federal judge on Friday approved a plan to overhaul the Baltimore Police Department, that rebuked arguments from the new administration at the Justice Department. Read more 

Trump’s budget. The Trump administration, the Republican Senate and the Republican House face ideological conflicts between fiscal conservatism, white identity politics and right-wing populism. Read more

Watch Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys Honor Tupac With Riveting Medley at Rock Hall. T.I., YG and Treach also performed on behalf of hip-hop superstar. Watch here


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