Race Inquiry Digest – April 27

Feature – Confederate memorials have no place in American society. Good riddance. City officials in New Orleans are removing Confederacy-era monuments. But this is not a call for collective amnesia about our past. Read more

The Stain of Anti-Semitism at the White House Isn’t Going Away. Trump hides behind his Jewish daughter and son-in-law, but he has been an asset to anti-Semitic movements and ideologies. Read more

Patterns Of Death In The South Still Show The Outlines Of Slavery. The Black Belt moniker first referenced the rich, fertile soil that millions of African slaves were forced to work, their labor making the European settlers some of the wealthiest people in the world. Read more 

How Does Race Affect a Student’s Math Education? A new paper examines the ways “whiteness” reproduces racial advantages and disadvantages. Read more 

It’s important to remember what started the L.A. riots. Rodney G. King, the black man beaten by a group of  baton-wielding police officers, and Latasha Harlins, who was shot in the head by a South Korean born shopkeeper. Read more 

Serena Williams’ Response To Racist Comments: ‘Does My Sassiness Upset You?’ The tennis star quoted Maya Angelou after Ilie Nastase’s alleged comments about Williams’ unborn child. Read more 

Only 5 percent of Senate staffers are black. Congress needs the ‘Rooney Rule.’ Democracy is served when Hill staffs reflect America’s diversity. Read more

The Urgency of Ethnic Nationalism. A virulent nationalism, tinged with bigotry, is on the rise across much of the world. It helped elect Narendra Modi in India and sustains Vladimir Putin in Russia. It has vaulted Marine Le Pen to the final round of the French election. Read more 

New York Today: An Ella Fitzgerald Centennial. Tuesday would have been Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday. Ms. Fitzgerald was born in Virginia, but she discovered her voice in New York. Read more

Watch Obama’s First Post-Presidency Public Appearance. Former president used the University of Chicago event to “encourage and support the next generation of leaders.” Read more 

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