Race Inquiry Digest (April 3) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Not enough time, too many news sources. The following are compelling stories on race that have been selected to inform our readers.

Featured – “That white men might roll in ease”: I feel like the first real American in my family, which has been here for centuries. ” You don’t seem patriotic at all,” my student said to me after class. Read more here 

Just a reminder: The NCAA is a plantation and players are the sharecroppers. Just as in sharecropping, when you talk about the student-athletes in money-earning sports, you’re really talking about black people. Read more here

Diversity doesn’t make racism magically disappear. Some hope that changing demographics make us destined to be post-racial. It isn’t so simple.
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It’s about time we give Venus Williams the credit she deserves. The 36-year-old is one of the best tennis players in the world, so why is she underappreciated? Read more here

Bill O’Reilly’s Racist Comment Is Rooted in America’s Racist Past. But black women are speaking out and fighting back. Read more here

Finding Growth at My Historically Black College.  “A black school? But you’re so smart, you could go anywhere.” Read more here

Black and Proud. Even if Strangers Can’t Tell. Being black in America has historically been determined by whether or not you look black to nonblack people.
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Rise in Hate Crimes Spurs States to Enhance Protections. Propelled by a nationwide surge in hate crimes, lawmakers in several states are working to deter potential offenders with harsher punishments. Read more here

“We Have No Peace of Mind Now.” Whether proudly assimilated or quietly undocumented, Indians are feeling the hostility of Trump’s America. Read more here

Video Breaks Down Why Machismo Isn’t Synonymous With Latino Men. “Where do we get the idea that Latino men are innately machista?”  Read more here

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