Race Inquiry Digest (April 20) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Not enough time, too many news sources. The following are compelling stories on race and ethnicity that have been selected for our readers.

Feature – ‘We’re truly sorry’: The Florida House of Representatives apologizes for racial injustice of 1949 ‘Groveland Four’ rape case. The House unanimously passed a resolution apologizing to the families of the “Groveland Four” and exonerating the men. Read more

Mayoral Candidate in Jackson Hopes to Shake Up the Status Quo. Chokwe Antar Lumumba hopes to continue the work started by his late father, former Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who died while in office. Read more

The war on drugs is racist. Donald Trump is embracing it with open arms. Drugs have long been used to scapegoat black and Latino people. With Jeff Sessions doing Trump’s bidding as Attorney General, things will only get worse. Read more

How the Right-Wing Koch and DeVos Families Are Funding Hate Speech on College Campuses Across the U.S. Conservative foundations establish student chapters at numerous universities and send bigoted scholars and lecturers to speak at their campus events free of charge. Read more

How much has baseball changed since the infamous Al Campanis interview? Not enough, judging by the number of African-American players and managers. Read more


The Alt-Right’s Favorite Team Visits the White House. Richard Spencer declared the Patriots the ‘whitest team’ in the NFL. He’s wrong, but it took off anyway. Read more


Fake Working Class. The muted response to the retail apocalypse shows which workers count in Trump’s America. Read more


Did racism or a longing for authoritarian leadership elect Donald Trump? The right answer is both. New data suggests Trump voters have highly negative views of African-Americans. But that’s not the whole story. Read more 

I Am A White Woman And I Must Confront My Racism. White people like me are resistant to recognizing our compliance with systemic oppression. This must stop. Read more


DAMN – Kendrick Lamar’s scorcher of a new album is an urgent sermon for a troubling time. Kendrick Lamar is now in the midst of a historic album run à la mid–1960s Bob Dylan or early–1970s Stevie Wonder. Read more

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