Race Inquiry Digest (August 10) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – Short Documentary, Abbeville, is Released by the Equal Justice Initiative. The film follows community members committed to spreading the truth about the lynching of Anthony Crawford, an African American businessman who was lynched 100 years ago in the town square of Abbeville, South Carolina, after asking for a fair price for cottonseed. Watch here 

Does the nation still need affirmative action? The typical college campus in the United States is still very white — and the typical university of higher quality, even whiter. In 2014, whites made up the bulk of students in four-year colleges — 58 percent. Meanwhile, the four-year college population was 13 percent African American, up only a point from a decade before, and 12 percent Latino, up a few points over a decade. Read more 

Charlottesville VA Backs “Reparations” Fund for Black Residents & Votes to Sell Robert E. Lee Statue. In Charlottesville, Virginia, the city is preparing for a white nationalist rally on Saturday protesting against the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a downtown park. Read more 

How Russia Used Racism to Hack White Voters. Yes, Russia did meddle in last year’s presidential election, but people have to be gullible and racist enough to be exploited by Moscow’s deployment of right-wing fake news appearing in their social media timelines. Read more 

Kaepernick petition calling for NFL boycott is gaining steam, has 130K supporters. Thousands of football fans around the country are threatening to boycott the NFL this season if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t end up signing with a team. Read more 

Kendrick Lamar: The Rolling Stone Interview. The greatest rapper alive goes deep on his obsessive studio habits, what Bono taught him and the temptations of stardom. Read more 

Will Texas’ Immigration Crackdown Spark the Latino Uprising Democrats Have Been Waiting For? In a majority-minority state still dominated by an almost entirely white Republican government, activists believe SB 4 offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to mobilize disengaged communities. Read more 

Why the NAACP said “enough” to school privatization. Privatization has allowed public officials to wash their hands of the obligation to educate children of color. Read more  

Ole Miss Edges Out of Its Confederate Shadow, Gingerly. Though the Confederate flag was banished from the campus two decades ago and “Dixie” is no longer played at football games, the ghosts of the Old South still roam the magnolia-scented campus, and many alumni hold fast to traditions. Read more   

What a Fraternity Hazing Death Revealed About the Painful Search for an Asian-American Identity. When Michael Deng, a college freshman, joined an Asian-American fraternity, he was looking for a sense of belonging and identity. Two months later he was dead. Read more  

A Judge Is About To Rule Whether Banning Mexican-American Studies Is Constitutional. Arizona Republicans accused teachers of stoking racial discord. But the law they passed in response may violate the Constitution. Read more 

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