Race Inquiry Digest (December 21) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – The Holiday Brilliance of Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas.” If Donny Hathaway had lived to see “This Christmas” enshrined as the black Christmas anthem—a standard recorded by singers from Aretha Franklin to Usher—he likely would have been pleased, but not surprised. Read more 

Robert Reich: A Guide to Why the Trump-Republican Tax Plan Is a Disgrace—for When You Confront Your Republican Uncle Bob During the Holidays. Shame on Trump and the Republicans who have lied to the public. Read more 

Women of color in low-wage jobs are being overlooked in the #MeToo moment. “This is a workforce that is exploited all the time.” Read more 

The dangerous belief that white people are under attack. After all, in the U.S., whites have historically been viewed as perpetrators of bias, and racial minorities as the victims. Read more 

How Grassroots Organizers Got Black Voters to the Polls in Alabama. The large African American turnout in the Senate election was the result of careful, deliberate work—and offers Democrats a roadmap for 2018. Read more 

The Legend of the Black Mecca: A New Book on Politics and Class in Atlanta. For more than a century, the city of Atlanta has been associated with black achievement in education, business, politics, media, and music, earning it the nickname “the Black Mecca.” Read more

Poverty in America is a moral outrage. The soul of our nation is at stake.  If we are to save the soul of this country from the poverty that is killing us, we must act, we must agitate, we must cause some righteous trouble. Read more 

Study reveals racial inequality in Mexico, disproving its “race-blind” rhetoric. Inequality in Mexico has long been viewed as a problem related to ethnicity or socioeconomic status, not race. Read more 

White Christianity is in big trouble. And it’s its own biggest threat. Flags wave in front of the First Baptist Church of Gallant, former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s home church. Read more 

The New Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Refuses to Sugarcoat History. Our critic visits a museum whose story is still unfolding, from 1960s Jackson, to Ferguson and Charlottesville. It leaves us upset —and that’s good. Read more 

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