Race Inquiry Digest (December 4) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – The Republican tax bill is not just immoral. It is an act of violence. Republicans are proposing to give billions in tax breaks to the wealthy – by raising taxes for poor people, write the co-chairs of the Poor People’s Campaign – William Barber and Liz Theoharris. Read more  

We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nihisi Coates.  New York Times Bestseller – One of Time’s Top 10 Non-fiction Books of the Year. Read more 

A Mixed-Race Royal Couple? It Wouldn’t Be the First. In fact, black women have become royals for years and years, unbeknown to many. Read more 

It’s Time to Take Tiffany Haddish Seriously as an Oscar Contender. After the success of Girls Trip this summer, online fans (and some critics) began to push Haddish for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. Read more  

Linda Villarosa had spent decades covering the spread of AIDS. She thought she was done. Then, she visited Jackson, Mississippi. Ground zero for Today’s American HIV. Read more  

As Confederate Statues Fall, What Should Replace Them? First on the list should be “The Harp,” a magnificent work by the noted African-American sculptor Augusta Savage that was demolished at the closing of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. Read more 

Why the black press is more relevant than ever. When the mainstream media covers a particular issue, the black press may cover it with a completely different angle — if not a different issue altogether. Read more 

African Ancestry Inc.: Telling black folks where they’re from. Maryland company pioneered the science for determining the genealogy of the Seahawks’ Michael Bennett and people of color across the diaspora. Read more 

Unflinching’: The day John Brown was hanged for his raid on Harpers Ferry. A print of the last moments in the life of abolitionist John Brown, portrayed leaving jail on the morning of his execution in Charles Town, Va. Under heavy guard, he pauses to kiss a child. (Library of Congress.) Read more 

Facebook to Temporarily Block Advertisers From Excluding Audiences by Race. However, a ProPublica investigation revealed that Facebook failed to keep its promise to reject discriminatory housing ads. Read more 

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