Race Inquiry Digest – Important Current Stories On Race In America / March 24, 2017

The following are important stories on race that have been selected to inform and educate our readers. Visit http://www.raceinquiry.com/for links to these as well as more articles on race in America.

Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor? Paul Ryan’s profound hypocrisy stands for a deeper problem.


A ‘Stand Your Ground’ Expansion That Expands Inequality. The Florida Senate recently passed a bill intended to make its already robust Stand Your Ground law even more friendly to people who say they killed in self-defense.

The University of Michigan’s Plan to Increase Diversity.  The administration has launched a multiyear racial and socioeconomic diversity plan, but a lot of students aren’t pleased.

Texas Needs a Remedial Lesson on Voting Rights. In Texas, which has for decades made an art of violating the voting rights of minorities, officials and lawmakers can’t seem to keep their hands clean.


Let’s Talk About Wigs And Race. Is your hair fake?” a fellow student asked, with a little too much Dutch courage.


Why Black Families Struggle to Build Wealth. It’s harder for African Americans to climb the economic ladder, and to sustain their progress.


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