Race Inquiry Digest (January 1) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests ? Trump’s first year in office revived an age-old debate about why some people choose race over class—and how far they will go to protect the system. Read more 

Watch: The 5 best hip-hop albums albums of 2017. This year was crowded with brilliant releases, but these five stood our. Kendrick Lamar was an obvious choice. Watch and listen here 

The show was supposed to bring black and white students together. It almost tore them apart. Without telling any school administrators, Kaitibi and others decided to create Chattanooga Black Greek Weekend, a step show featuring only black fraternities and sororities. Read more 

S. Allen Counter – The founding director of the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations and a noted neurophysiologist, educator, and ethnographer, died on July 12, 2017.  Counter, a friend once wrote, was “the most interesting man in the world.” Read more 

How the news media distorts black families. A new study shows outlets from Fox to CNN to the New York Times are guilty of misrepresentation. Read more 

The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Worse Than the Last One. The system remains fundamentally unreformed, banks remain too big to fail. Read more 

Will America Ever Really Trust Black Women? The complicated truth about our relationship with 2017’s most celebrated voters. Read more 

The Rise and Fall of the Racist Right. White nationalists entered 2017 on a high. They ended it in disarray. Read more 

Arizona Can’t Ban Mexican-American Studies Anymore, Judge Says. The permanent injunction follows a two-week bench trial that found Republican-backed ethnic studies restrictions unconstitutional. Read more 

Sessions Says to Courts: Go Ahead, Jail People Because They’re Poor. Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions retracted an Obama-era guidance to state courts that was meant to end debtors’ prisons, where people who are too poor to pay fines are sent. Read more 

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