Race Inquiry Digest (January 22) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – Shutdown: A familiar partisan ritual takes on new meaning in the Trump era. That conflict now pits the nativist impulses unleashed by Trump’s presidential campaign, and now embraced by his party at large, against the demands of a Democratic base that more ­reflects and embraces an increasingly diverse nation. Read more 
How Puerto Ricans fit into an increasingly anti-immigrant U.S.  In the face of expected labor shortages caused by President Trump’s anti-immigration policies, many employers are eager to hire bilingual workers for whom the minimum wage of a U.S. state represents a significant boost in income. Read more 

‘So You Want to Talk About Race,’ White People? Start Here. A new book offers a straightforward guide to confronting one’s prejudices. Read more 

Why Do Republicans Hate America? Since consolidating its power in January 2017, the GOP has systematically set out to dismantle the economic strength of this nation, coddle predators, shield traitors, attack those who are working, and strip protections from the most vulnerable. Read more 

Watch : It’s Time to End Mass Incarceration By Brave New Films. We explore the scope and source of mass incarceration in our new short film, Sentencing Reform: Part I–The Power of Fear. Watch here 

The Fight for the Suburbs. How a battle over the Fair Housing Act could transform U.S. politics. HUD Secretary Ben Carson has criticized the Obama-era rules as “mandated social engineering” and promised his agency would “reinterpret” them. Read more 

How an Artist Learned About Freedom From ‘The Negro Motorist Green Book.’  “The Negro Motorist Green Book,”  is a series of AAA-like guides for black travelers published from 1936 through 1966, and the inspiration for “Derrick Adams: Sanctuary,” an immersive installation opening at the Museum of Arts and Design. Read more  

“Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart”: An absorbing portrait of an activist’s soul. “American Masters” takes an intimate look at the playwright’s life as a radical and a great writer gone too soon. Read more 

Make it right’: Descendants of slaves demand restitution from Georgetown. One-hundred-and-eighty years after Jesuit priests sold slaves to save Georgetown University from financial ruin, a group of descendants is calling for restitution. Read more 

White supremacists responsible for most extremist killings in 2017, ADL says. The Anti-Defamation League’s annual report comes a day after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen spoke about the threats to America to the Senate Judiciary Committee. She didn’t mention the threat of right-wing extremist violence in the country. Read more 

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