Race Inquiry Digest (July 12) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature – Today, Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) released Segregation in America, a new report and companion website that documents how millions of white Americans joined a mass movement of committed, unwavering, and often violent opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. EJI believes that understanding this mass opposition to racial equality, integration, and civil rights is central to confronting the continuing challenges of racial inequality today. Read more 

Considering race in college admissions – 3 questions answered. On July 3, the Trump administration announced it will reverse several policy memos outlining how colleges and universities can use race as a factor in admissions. What is the most significant aspect of this reversal? Will colleges and universities become less diverse? How will the courts rule on affirmative action in the future? Read more 

Going Native: The Trouble with Treaties, Past and Present. When the U.S. government forced American Indian tribes into signing treaties in which they ceded millions of acres of land in exchange for reservations they could call their own, the purpose of the treaties had less to do with recognizing tribal nationhood and more to do with acquiring property and ownership rights for corporate interests and white settlers. Read more 

Malcolm Nance on Trump: We’re “on the cusp” of “losing the American constitutional republic forever.” Former intelligence officer turned author says Putin is Trump’s “handler” and we’re in a “Benedict Arnold moment.” Nance’s new book is “The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West. Read more 
White Fight : Donald Trump is leading the Republican charge to preserve a shrinking white majority.  What Donald Trump brings is an explicit effort to write nonwhite immigrants out of the body politic, removing as many as possible and presenting the rest as a suspect class. Read more 

The racist origins of ‘pro-life’ abortion movement they never talk about. Reversing Roe v. Wade goes against the will of the people. A recent Quinnipiac poll shows that a clear majority support the Supreme Court ruling ensuring a patient’s access to abortion care. That, of course, won’t stop opponents to the measure from ruling by minority; it’s exactly what the so-called “pro-lifers” want. Read more 
Larry Doby: Congress finally agrees on race and equality — when it comes to a baseball legend . On Tuesday, the House passed a measure that would award the Congressional Gold Medal to Larry Doby, the second African American to smash the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Read more  

‘We haven’t made any progress’: Black homeownership is stuck near 30-year lows. Jani Tillery, 42, is an attorney at the Children’s Law Center in Washington who has been looking for homes since October. She’s made three offers since the end of November but lost to other bidders and she’s having a hard time finding homes in her price range of less than $200,000. Read more 

Donald Trump’s startling global agenda: Taking white supremacy worldwide. Donald Trump is engaged in a systematic effort to make the United States less powerful and less respected around the world. America is too great a country to be defeated and brought down by an outside power. Such damage can likely only be inflicted from within at the hands of a dangerous president, a feckless political party and their tens of millions of authoritarian followers. Read more 
The Making of a Moral Hero: ‘The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela.’ This book confronts readers with the most direct evidence yet of Mandela’s intellectual evolution into one of the great moral heroes of our time. Read more 

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