Race Inquiry Digest (July 3) – Important Current Stories On Race In America (Revised)

Feature –  American Dignity on the Fourth of July.  Reading Frederick Douglass’s Independence Day address from 1852 may ease the despair caused by listening to President Trump. Read more 

NRA Issues Call for White Supremacy and Armed Insurrection.  The gun lobby’s new “recruitment ad” is really a call for white supremacy and armed insurrection, deliberately crafted to stir anger and fear. Read more 

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: what was done back then—and where we are now. The signing of the bill with public pomp does little to indicate the history that led up to it, and the difficulties its advocates faced on multiple fronts.  Read more 

Brazil’s Ongoing Race Problem: Recent Study Uncovers Shocking Treatment of Darker-Skinned Children in Interracial Families. It is not surprising to Black people that racism pervades in a racially heterogeneous country like Brazil where roughly 112 million Afro-Brazilians make up over half the population. Read more 
The Trump Administration Is Planning an Unprecedented Attack on Voting Rights.  We are witnessing the beginning of a nationwide voter-suppression campaign, led by the White House and enabled by Congress and the Department of Justice. Read more 

In a divided America, James Baldwin’s fiery critiques reverberate anew.  Baldwin wanted desperately for his country to deliver on its promise. So does a whole new generation of his fans. Read more 

Catholic university renews whites-only program for ‘analyzing whiteness.’  “We welcome students who have a desire to learn about allyship and anti-racist, anti-supremacist efforts that address racial justice,” the program description says. Read more 

Rev. William Barber builds a moral movement. “William Barber is the closest person we have to Martin Luther King Jr. in our midst,” said Cornel West, the well-known Princeton professor and author. Read more 

Trump’s Obama Obsession.  One of Trump’s primary motivators is the absolute erasure of Obama — were it possible — not only from the political landscape but also from the history books. Read more 

Watch and Listen – 6 Years Old and Desegregating a School. A personal recollection of the events surrounding the desegregation of an elementary school in New Orleans. Watch here 

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