Race Inquiry Digest (July 30) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature – In Georgia Governor’s Race, a Defining Moment for a Southern State. The Republican won the nomination Tuesday after branding himself a politically incorrect conservative who would “round up criminal illegals” and haul them to the border in his very own pickup. The Democrat all but opened her campaign by demanding that the iconic carvings of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson be sandblasted off Stone Mountain. Read more 

When History Repeats Itself: Asian Immigrants in the Era of Trump. Asian immigrants have a long, difficult history in the United States. So why does America Know so little about it? Read more 

Israel Picks Identity Over Democracy. More Nations May Follow. Old ideas of nationhood can have a powerful pull. The way that human beings think about group identity — as an extension of ourselves, particularly in moments of crisis — can make us see safety in conformity, and danger in diversity or tolerance. At the same time, when a majority demographic group believes it could become a minority, members of that group often become less supportive of democracy, preferring a strong ruler and harsh social controls, according to scholarly research on democratic decline. Read more 

What My Escape From Hitler’s Germany Taught Me About Trump’s America. And what Trump’s America teaches us about Netanyahu’s Israel. Since its founding in 1948, Israel has presented itself to the world as an avatar of democracy and guardian of the moral truths the world needs to learn about the Holocaust. Yet its governmental leaders and a majority of its Jewish citizens—led by its prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu—have fully embraced Trump. Read more 

What happened the last time a President chose America’s enemies over its friends. Donald Trump likes to compare himself to Andrew Jackson, but the Andrew he really resembles is Andrew Johnson. Johnson’s white-supremacist views were blatant and his policies precipitated a constitutional crisis that put the President at loggerheads with Congress and his own party, the Republicans. The Republican Party then was the liberal party of anti-slavery, big government and Lincoln. The Democrats were the party of white supremacy, Southern slaveholders and states’ rights. Read more 

Watch The Trailer For Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman. Spike Lee is eternally thought-provoking, and this trailer for BlacKkKlansman (in theaters Friday, August 10) indicates that his newest film is going to be on-brand. The trailer straddles the line between chilling and funny, and the film stars John David Washington as the real-life Klan-buster Ron Stallworth, who infiltrated the KKK in 1979. Watch here 

Pissed Off Melo has a message for you: ‘I know how to play this game of basketball.’ “For me, out of all the work I put in the NBA — wins, losses, points scored, whatever — to be judged off of six months of a year overshadowed 15 years of what you’ve accomplished. That’s the hurtful part.” Read more 

American Racists Look for Allies in Russia. While President Donald Trump pals around with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the U.S.’s racist right is making open overtures to Russian white supremacists. Read more 

How the Suffrage Movement Betrayed Black Women. Stripped of her halo, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the campaign’s principal philosopher, is exposed as a classic liberal racist who embraced fairness in the abstract while publicly enunciating bigoted views of African-American men, whom she characterized as “Sambos” and incipient rapists in the period just after the war.  The suffrage struggle itself took on a similar flavor, acquiescing to white supremacy — and selling out the interests of African-American women — when it became politically expedient to do so. This betrayal of trust opened a rift between black and white feminists that persists to this day. Read more 

Why Don’t We Always Vote in Our Own Self-Interest? One question that has troubled Democrats for decades is freshly relevant in the Trump-McConnell era: Why do so many voters support elected officials who are determined to cut programs that those same voters rely upon? Read more 

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