Race Inquiry Digest (July 31) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature – 100 Years Ago African-Americans Marched Down Fifth Avenue to Declare that Black Lives Matter. The “Silent Protest Parade” was the first mass African-American demonstration of its kind and a watershed moment in the history of the civil rights movement. Read more    

‘I’ll Die for This Damn Sport’: Football, Concussions and Why African-Americans Continue to Brave the Risk. For numerous young African-Americans and their families across the country, football is commonly viewed as their “one shot” at changing their impoverished reality. Despite the daunting odds. Read more 

Conference teaches K-12 educators how to combat ‘whiteness in schools’.  One presentation, provided “a history of Whiteness, and will invite participants into a discussion of how Whiteness and White culture shapes what happens in schools. Read more 

What Would Howard Zinn Say? We turn to the agitator-in-chief for guidance in our “topsy-turvy” world. Read more 

Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’: When White Directors Tell Black Stories. The Oscar-winning filmmaker’s latest, a dramatization of the 1967 Detroit riot, is yet another example of a white filmmaker attempting to communicate the Black perspective. Read more 

Trump’s White Nationalism Torments Us Now, But the ‘Centrality of Whiteness’ Will Fade Away. Author Sheryll Cashin explains how cultural dexterity is spreading despite Trump. Read more 

Newark’s Long Hot Summer. The circumstances that drove the city’s 1967 uprising still haunt America to this day.  Read more 

Historically black beach enclaves are fighting to save their history and identity.  Towns, including Highland Beach near Annapolis, Md., and Sag Harbor Hills in the Hamptons in New York, feel pressure from gentrification. Read more 

White Economic Privilege Is Alive and Well. The income gap between black and white working-class Americans, like the gap between black and white Americans at every income level, remains every bit as extreme as it was five decades ago. Read more 

NAACP sticks by its call for charter school moratorium, says they are ‘not a substitute’ for traditional public schools.  “Even the best charters are not a substitute for more stable, adequate and equitable investments in public education in the communities that serve our children.” Read more 

Black innovators shine through history in these animated films for kids. Children of color have historically received little representation in animated films, with early ones often portraying black characters as aggressive or unintelligent. Read more 

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