Race Inquiry Digest (July 6) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature –  Trump Can’t Reverse the Decline of White Christian America. Two-thirds of those who voted for the president felt his election was the “last chance to stop America’s decline.” But his victory won’t arrest the cultural and demographic trends they opposed. Read more 

Spike Lee teams up with singer-songwriter Stew on a Trump-protest-ballad music video. Director Spike Lee and singer-songwriter-playwright Stew, known for his work on the musical “Passing Strange,” released an anti-Trump music video ahead of the July 4 holiday. Read more and watch the video 

Dear White People’ Is Heading Back To Netflix For Season 2. Class will soon be back in session for students at the fictional Winchester University now that Netflix’s “Dear White People” has officially been renewed for a second season. Read more 

Ump files racial discrimination suit against MLB. A Major League Baseball umpire Monday sued baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and the league alleging racial discrimination in baseball’s promotion and post-season assignment policies. Read more 

Jeff Sessions Does Not Have All the Power. Angela J. Davis, in Policing the Black Man, asserts that the role of prosecutors is an overlooked aspect of the criminal justice system. Read more 

Snowfall’ is compelling and believable — which is why it could use a disclaimer. FX’s engaging yet depressing 10-episode drama “Snowfall” (premiering Wednesday) is really about the many ways in which the drug trade recalibrates and eventually rots the morals of the people who engage in it.  Read more 

Jefferson’s children: Slavery, citizenship and family at Monticello.  A personal narrative: A monument to a Founding Father, a home of slavery, a swearing-in site for new citizens and my childhood playground. Read more 

Mississippi Judges Can No Longer Target Blacks and Others with Unfair Bail Practices. At the heart of the suit are Josh Bassett and Octavious Burks, both arrested and held in Scott County for nearly a year without being formally charged or appointed an attorney. Read more 

Shakespeare’s Cure for Xenophobia. What “The Merchant of Venice” taught me about ethnic hatred and the literary imagination. Read more  

Arizona Republicans Banned Mexican American Studies. The Fight Is Now Back in Court. Did a 2010 law violate Latino students’ constitutional rights?  Read more 

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