Race Inquiry Digest (June 22) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

 Feature –  Understanding Contemporary White Supremacy. Our panel of scholars on what we get wrong about white supremacy, and whether persecuting racists does any good. Read more  

A white cop dies and a young black man spends years in jail for a crime he didn’t do. In “He Calls Me by Lightning,” S. Jonathan Bass, resurrects the life of Washington, who died in 2001 finally out of prison. Read more 

Why schools still can’t put segregation behind them. Segregation is supposed to be forbidden, but it still thrives. And it’s coming back. Read more 

After the mistrial, what’s left of Bill Cosby’s legacy? The final chapter of Bill Cosby’s public life is far from the most important spectacle we are witnessing, but it may be the saddest. Read more 

Searching for Justice for Samuel DuBose.
Two years after his death at the hands of police officer Raymond Tensing, a jury stands poised to deliver a historic verdict.  Read more 


Jon Ossoff’s Georgia Sixth Loss Is a Reality Check for Democrats. It is a truism in politics that special elections usually don’t mean very much. But Tuesday’s runoff election in the Georgia Six, as it came to be known, could be one of the exceptions to the rule. Read more 

As Feds Back Away From Police Oversight, Black Lives Matter Sues Chicago. A class action suit wants a federal court to supervise the city’s cops. Read more 

Anti-Racism Author Tim Wise: White America Desperately Wants to Be Numb, and Donald Trump ‘Is a Walking, Talking Opioid.’ Author of “Dear White America” says Donald Trump is a painkiller for white people’s anguish—but it won’t work. Read more  

New CAA study says diverse casting increases box office potential across all budgets. There’s been little debate over the moral arguments behind increasing diversity on- and off-screen in Hollywood, but the economic arguments haven’t always been so clear. Read more  

Black and Latino drivers are searched based on less evidence and are more likely to be arrested Stanford researchers find. It is a wrenching question with vast social and political significance: What role does race play when police stop and search motorists? Read more 

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