Race Inquiry Digest (March 27) – Important Current Stories on Race in America

Not enough time, too many news sources. The following are important stories on race that have been selected to inform our readers.

Featured – Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch has a Troubling Record on Civil Rights and Social Justice Issues. Read more here


John Lewis helped squash ‘Trumpcare’ bill. The Georgia congressman’s speech is an instant classic. Read more here


How will Historically Black Colleges Fare Under Trump? HBCUs will get federal funding, but not much else. Read more here


Betsy DeVos’s “School Choice” Fallacy. “Undermining public education is not a choice,”  Senator Patty Murray said in a speech Wednesday, railing against the education secretary’s policies. Read more here


Why the white middle class is dying, explained in 6 charts. The complicated collapse of middle-aged white Americans. Read more here


The haunting murder of a jazz legend in the making. The documentary ‘I Called Him Morgan’ tells the story of Lee Morgan, and ace trumpeter and Dizzy Gillespie protégé who was gunned down by his girlfriend at a Manhattan jazz club. Read more here


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