Race Inquiry Digest (March 29) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Not enough time, too many news sources. The following are compelling stories on race that have been selected to inform our readers.

Featured – An Alabama Prison’s Unrelenting Descent Into Violence. The St. Clair Correctional Facility at Springfield, Alabama. Read more here

Wildly talented Nigerian Artist made this drawing without any training Whatsoever. Stanley draws close-up portraits of human faces, which end up looking more true to life than any black-and -white photograph could.
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Call white supremacist violence by its name: Terrorism. This week a 28-year old white supremacist traveled to New York for the express purpose of killing a black man. Read more here

Two months out of office, Barack Obama is living a post-presidency like no other. So far, Obama is trying to approach his post-presidency-keeping things low-key. Read more here

Black teachers matter. In Philadelphia , the number of black teachers fell 18.5 percent between 2001 and 2012. In Chicago, it dropped 40 percent. Read more here

White supremacist are now targeting high schools. According to one white nationalist leader, “students are perfectly primed for a push towards racial consciousness.” Read more here

Remembering Chuck Berry. Berry was a highly original and influential guitarist and as great a songwriter as rock and roll has ever produced.
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“I’ll bust you in the head till the white meat shows.” Stand-up comedy, black families and corporal punishment. Black comedians from Pryor to Bernie Mac have transformed the childhood trauma of corporal punishment into laughs. Read more here

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