Race Inquiry Digest (November 2) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – Study Shows American High Schoolers Are Lashing Out in the Increasingly Racist, Anti-Immigrant Atmosphere Trump Has Created. Trump’s fanning of the flames of division has reached our education system. Read more 

Lost Cause. John Kelly echoes the president’s warped view of history. Read more 

Racism Is Literally Bad For Your Health. Harvard professor David Williams says, “Much of this discrimination that occurs in the health care context, and in other contexts of society, may not even be intentional.” Read more 

NFL owners, players are moving in the wrong direction. Sides can’t even reach consensus on when another meeting should occur. Read more 

Remembering Fats Domino, 1928–2017. He was recording rock & roll in 1949 and influenced the Beatles – not that he’d ever brag about it. Read more 

The Truest Form of Identity Politics Belongs to White America. “In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.” Read more 

13 Asians On Identity And The Struggle Of Loving Their Eyes. “I used to use Scotch tape to make my eyes bigger. Then I said, ‘Hey, this is your face. This is how you look.’” Read more 

Russians Targeted U.S. Racial Divisions Long Before 2016 And Black Lives Matter. The Russian efforts in the 2016 election cycle that apparently sought to divide African-Americans both from whites and from each other is not new. Read more 

Poll: 6 In 10 Black Americans Say Police Unfairly Stopped Them Or A Relative.  And 61 percent say that where they live, police are more likely to use unnecessary force on a person who is black than on a white person in the same situation. Read more 

Dorchester County celebrates Harriet Tubman as an ‘American Hero.’ Obama’s decision to put her on the front of a new $20 bill, replacing Andrew Jackson, long revered as the people’s president but a slaveholder who also sought to banish indigenous Americans, is threatened by Trump. Read more  

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