Race Inquiry Digest (October 2) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – Taking a knee has always been a sign of reverence, not disrespect. Kneeling as a sign of veneration is clearly not something Trump feels in his bones. In his disdain for kneeling to express devotion to something transcendent, he keeps company with some eminent pagans. Read more

Don’t lose track of the issues Colin Kaepernick risked his career to illuminate. Eric Reid: ‘What we have to do now is keep reinforcing what the protest is really about.’ Read more 

John Carlos, 1968 Olympic U.S. Medalist, on the Revolutionary Sports Moment that Changed the World. “I wasn’t there for the race. I was there to actually make a statement,” Carlos says. “I was ashamed of America for America’s deeds, what they were doing in history, as well as what they were doing at that particular time.” Listen to the interview 

CNN poll: Americans split on anthem protests. Americans are sharply divided over whether NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem are doing the right thing to express their views, but a majority agree that President Donald Trump did the wrong thing by criticizing their actions. Read more 

Air Force General Addresses Racial Slurs on Campus: ‘You Should Be Outraged.’ After racial slurs were directed at five black students on campus, General Silveria told cadets on Thursday that they should show respect or “get out.” Listen to his address 

The Museum Grappling With the Future of Black America. The Smithsonian’s memorial of African American history and culture turns 1 at a time when its lessons are particularly resonant. Read more 

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Making of a Public Intellectual. “Between the World and Me,” Coates’s treatise on black male life in America, catapulted him to prominence. Coates spoke to The Times about his new book, “We Were Eight Years in Power,” his year in Paris and what he’s up to next. Read more 

The NFL, Charlottesville, and Trump’s pattern of racial division. The overwhelming defiance in the NFL on Sunday to President Donald Trump’s attacks on protesting players encapsulates the high stakes for the GOP in his belligerent approach to race relations. Read more 

Hugh Hefner’s real progressive legacy isn’t sexual, it’s racial. The way Hefner and Playboy gave to black writers and artists just when they needed it most should not be forgotten. Read more 

When White Supremacists Ruled Washington. Southerners who rose to federal office after the Civil War achieved something the Confederate Army had not: They seized control of Washington and bent it to their will. The Washington National Cathedral has removed stained-glass windows portraying Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.  Read more  

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