Race Inquiry Digest (October 23) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – A fallen black soldier being disrespected? That’s not an aberration in America. The reported treatment of Sergeant La David Johnson’s family is part of this country’s ugly history regarding black people and the military. Read more 

Watch: Lawrence O’Donnell Dismantles John Kelly’s Disgraceful New Defense of Donald Trump. The MSNBC host was beside himself after Thursday’s press conference. Read more 

LeBron James on Race Relations, Donald Trump, Retirement. “LeBron James owes nobody anything. Nobody.” Read more 

A Mississippi Town Finally Desegregated Its Schools, 60 Years Late. “It’s not going to happen in a day; it’s not going to happen in a week.” Read more 

New short film explores colorism with pain, truth, and love. In ‘Charcoal,’ a Haitian filmmaker squares off with colorism. Read more 

The History of Russian Involvement in America’s Race Wars. From propaganda posters to Facebook ads, 80-plus years of Russian meddling. Read more 

Obesity, Hunger: Two Sides of Same Coin in Black Food Deserts. Because the African-American community struggles with obesity, it might be shocking to learn that the African-American community also struggles with hunger, or more accurately, food insecurity. Read more 

White supremacy’s global boom has anti-racist activists fighting back. Racist police brutality and institutional racism are problems that extend well past U.S. borders. Read more 

Our silent Civil War: Debate over statues didn’t come out of thin air. In history, suppressed memories, stories half-told or lied about, carry greater power for having been suppressed. Read more 

Bree Newsome Thinks Allies Should Be Protesting. She removed a Confederate flag from the flagpole on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse. Read more 

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