Race Inquiry Digest (October 5) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – Hanged, Burned, Shot, Drowned, Beaten. In a region where symbols of the Confederacy are ubiquitous, an unprecedented memorial takes shape. It will be the first such memorial in the U.S., and, its founders hope, it will show how lynchings of black people were essential to maintaining white power in the Jim Crow South. Read more 

Eric Holder: Gerrymandering has broken our democracy. The Supreme Court should help fix it. Many Republicans across the country have wielded the gerrymander to manipulate the people’s right to vote into unconscionable partisan advantage. Read more 

Rev. Barber: Systematic Racialized Voter Suppression is the “Election Hacking” the U.S. Must Address. Watch the full show 

Playing While White’ examines privilege on and off the field. New book says that sports, like America itself, is a place where race matters. Read more 

Calling Las Vegas Massacre ‘Deadliest Shooting In U.S. History’ Erases Our Violent Past. Yet to describe it in such terms is to whitewash history, as it negates more deadly mass shootings and race riots throughout American history that impacted people of color. Read more 

Interview: Progressive Randall Woodfin Wins Birmingham, Ala., Mayoral Race in a Major Upset.  Woodfin, 36, became the youngest mayor-elect of Birmingham, Ala., in modern history. He said that his first agenda items will deal with job creation and tackling poverty. Read more 

Daily Kos endorses Stacey Abrams, who would be Georgia’s—and America’s—first black woman governor. Serving others is a value deeply instilled in Abrams by her parents, and she believes that people deserve to live free of poverty so that they can reach their full potential. Read more 

How the Bankruptcy System Is Failing Black Americans. Black people struggling with debts are far less likely than their white peers to gain lasting relief from bankruptcy, according to a ProPublica analysis. Primarily to blame is a style of bankruptcy practiced by lawyers in the South. Read more 

Forget the NFL … women’s basketball players take powerful stand on social justice. Minnesota Lynx players stand up for the National Anthem as the Los Angeles Sparks stay in their locker room during Game 3 of the WNBA Finals at Staples Center last week in Los Angeles. Read more  

Good news: Fewer and fewer young people are getting incarcerated. The incarceration rate for juvenile offenders has fallen to the lowest level since the federal government began tracking it in 1997, a change brought on by a combination of falling crime rates and forward-thinking criminal justice reforms. Read more 

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