Race Inquiry Digest (October 9) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – The Confederacy’s ‘Living Monuments.’ The Daughters of the Confederacy’s primary objective was to instill in Southern white youth a reverence for Confederate principles. Indeed, they regarded their efforts to educate children as their most important work as they sought, in their words, to build “living monuments” who would grow up to defend states’ rights and white supremacy. Read more 

Teach Us All (Documentary Trailer) – Directed by Sonia Lowman.  Through case studies in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles, this feature-length documentary film seeks to bring the critical  lessons of history to bear on the current state of U.S. education.  Available on Netflix. Watch here 

Latinos and Whiteness. Whiteness could always continue to change and in 2050, there could be no meaningful difference between “white” and “Asian-American.” But the case is often made that whiteness will come to include Latinos.  Read more 

Peeling the Whitewash From Our Myths: Susan K. Smith and Bill Moyers talk about the Bible, the Constitution and Race. “All men are created equal” does not mean what we think those words should mean. Read more 

When white sports fans turn on black athletes. There is a morally corrupt contract that white fans make with black athletes. We will accept you: but only if you surrender your political voice. Read more 

America May Be More Divided Now Than Anytime Since the Civil War. If there’s one issue that always exposes the deep divide in his country, it’s guns. In fact, it may be the most polarizing issue of all. Read more 

Ray Charles’ ‘America the Beautiful’ is our best hope for bringing us together. It would take a genius to ease the antagonisms surrounding the national anthem controversy. I know just the man for the job. His name is Ray Charles. Read more 

How colonialism and racism explain the inept US response to Hurricane Maria. US senator, 1898: Puerto Ricans can’t govern themselves. President Trump, 2017: They “want everything done for them.” Read more 

An Innocent Man Who Imagined the World as It Should Be. In the end, John Thompson got to live 14 years as a free man — the same number he spent on Louisiana’s death row, condemned for a 1984 murder he didn’t commit. Read more 

The Academics And Economics Behind School Choice. Indiana’s booming program highlights the benefits and battles over vouchers. Read more 

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