Race Inquiry Digest (September 13) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature – Looking Our Racist History in the Eye. An exhibit about the civil rights movement in Nashville proves Faulkner was right: The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.
A boy and his mother hold hands as they walk to school on the first day of desegregation in Nashville’s public schools, Sept. 9, 1957. An exhibit of photographs at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville shatters the civic myth that the city peacefully accepted racial integration.  Nashville did not attack its own children with fire hoses, as Birmingham did. Tennessee did not call out the National Guard to integrate its universities, as Mississippi did. There is no “Bloody Sunday” in our history, as there is in the history of Selma, Ala. But our stories about the orderly desegregation of schools and the peaceful desegregation of lunch counters and the benign treatment of black people by the white people in power? That’s all a myth. Read more 

Black Athletes Are Not Objects For Our Entertainment. It is an old dynamic, the attitude that black athletes (as well as black entertainers) should be seen and not heard, serving only as vessels of amusement for (mostly white) audiences. It speaks to a larger idea ― that there is a very particular “right” way to be a black athlete and that is to simply be a body performing a task, not a human with passions, opinions and causes. Read more