Race Inquiry Digest (September 18) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – White House Rejects Supremacist Label: “No One Has Done More Than Trump to Prove White People Are Not Superior.”White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said on Wednesday that, “Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is on some mission to make white people look good hasn’t been paying attention.” Read more 

The Question of Race in Campus Sexual-Assault Cases. Is the system biased against men of color? “If there is any kind of perceived injury—emotional or physical—when you cross racial lines, there’s likely to be more animus.” Read more  

This Judge’s Excuses for Acquitting Jason Stockley of Murder Are Pathetic. Because the verdict was decided by a judge, the public got a rare insight into the thinking that goes into letting a cop go free despite stacks of evidence of wrongdoing. Read more 

How the FBI smashed white supremacist group The Order. In order to dismantle it, the FBI had to rely on a skilled undercover agent to methodically gather intel against the group. Read more 

Triple consciousness. To be black and an immigrant in America. We need more awareness of the black immigrant identity, which is unique in America. Read more  

Was Charlottesville the Exception or the Rule? Do we really need to go over the history? It feels as if we do. Americans, of all races, have accepted the erasure of our history and the muddying of events. Read more 

Erect a Statue of This Civil Rights Hero.  Rev. Joseph De Laine organized a group of black parents in Clarendon County to petition for equal educational facilities. He did more than anyone else to bring about school desegregation in South Carolina, which ultimately led to the Brown v Board decision. Read more  

Asians Are Still Tokenized Or Just Missing From TV Shows, Report Says. “It’s a literal silencing of Asians and it reinforces the stereotype that Asians aren’t expressive, they’re invisible, that they’re not really there.” Read more 

Most Americans Oppose White Supremacists, But Many Share Their Views: Poll. “Thirty-one percent of Americans polled strongly or somewhat agreed that ‘America must protect and preserve its White European heritage.” Read more 

Roots of racism: 6 essential reads. Read more

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