Race Inquiry Digest (September 28) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – ‘Sisterhood’ Felt Meaningless. So My Sisters and I Got in the Car. We wanted to find women who could remind us that another, more tolerant, hopeful way of being is possible. My sisters selected the following women to lead us on our tour: Prudence Crandall, Sarah Harris, Belinda Sutton and Ellen Garrison. Read more

Jemele Hill on doing the right thing. A lesson from her grandmother: Be better. No matter what. Read more 

Calling Out the Kobach Commission for What It Is. An activist calls on Americans who care about voting rights to urge their state election administrators to refuse to cooperate with the Pence-Kobach Commission. Read more 

How Puerto Rico Is Becoming Trump’s Katrina. George W. Bush ate cake while New Orleans drowned – now Trump is making him seem statesmanlike by comparison. Read more 

This Student Band That Kneeled to Play the Anthem Understands Racial Injustice Better Than Trump. Oakland teens delivered a musical protest of “racism, police brutality, and the president.” Read more 

Trump Made Kaepernick’s Protest About Him. Here’s How to Take it Back. Taking the knee has become an anodyne of opposition to a reviled president. But there are ways to get Kaepernick’s original message across. Read more 

The Mounting Attack on Organized Labor and What it Means for African-Americans.  Black workers are more likely to belong to a union than any other racial group — such anti-union campaigns have particular implications for African-Americans. Read more 

After White Supremacists Marched Through Campus, UVA Grapples With Change. “The terrain is telling you you’re not welcome here. I don’t know how a black person at U.Va. is supposed to feel, honestly.” Read more 

Dave Chappelle Delivers Scathing Riff on Charlottesville at ‘Def Comedy Jam 25.’ In this exclusive clip from Netflick’s Def Comedy Jam reunion, Dave Chappelle and D.L. Hughley riff on free speech and white supremacy. Read more  

When Black Children Are Targeted for Punishment. Sixty years ago today, Minnijean Brown and eight other black students walked into all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Ark. During the 2012 school year, black students were suspended five times as often as whites were, and little has changed since then. Read more 

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