The Betrayal by the Black Elite with Chris Hedges and Cornel West –

cornell west 2CHRIS HEDGES, HOST, DAYS OF REVOLT: Welcome to Days of Revolt. I’m Chris Hedges. This is part two of our interview with Dr. Cornel West, where we are examining the black prophetic tradition, which he has laid out in his great book Black Prophetic Fire, its importance within America, and what has happened to it with the rise of neoliberalism in the wake of the civil rights movement.

See the interview here.

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  1. Avatar Matthew Holden, Jr. | August 23, 2015 at 10:56 PM |

    I will wait until I have read the book, but I do approach with skepticism claims of betrayal. I fnd it better to try to find out where othersmay have some better judgment than I and, at the minimum, seek to express myself in respectful disagreement and to look for terms of reconciliation.

    I also know that my current views are likely to leave me subject to criticism. Every major war ends in some form of interchange between adversaries, and in 2015 the problem of African Americans is to find means of increasng their own power, of finding the bases on which they can has as much reconciiation with adversaries as Germans and French or Viet-Namese and Westerners have had with each other, and of avoiding internal self-destruction.

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