The Designation “White People” is a Historical Fabrication – Ronald J. Sheehy / Race Inquiry

By delegitimizing the term “white,’ as in white people, or white race, we diminish  the use of white identity as an organizing principle that influences “whites” to further their societal domination. Given the resurgence of a national discourse on white identity this is more than an academic exhortation.   Du Bois, Baldwin and others, saw through the invention of a “pan-whiteness,” and used the construction, “so-called white people.” I explored the use of white as an identifier of Europeans in an article published earlier in Race Inquiry.  I also considered the use of “black” as an identifier of African Americans, and concluded that we are better served as a society to eliminate the use of both black and white to designate African-Americans and European-Americans, respectively.

Read the article, Let’s Stop Using “White” and “Black” to Describe European-Americans and African-Americans : Here Are The Reasons Why by Ronald J Sheehy 

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  1. Mary Hampton | December 22, 2016 at 8:50 PM |

    A very interesting work on this subject is presented by Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D. in her book: “Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man”. Sub-title: Crossbreeding and the Unexpected Family Tree of Humanity

    In direct conflict with Darwin’s theory, Martinez offers an entirely original alternative as she pieces together the protohistory of humanity through anthropology, genetics, paleolinguistics and indigenous traditions as she shows that Modern Humanity is instead a “mosaic” of mixed ancestry which is the result of eons of cross-breeding and retro-breeding among different cultures, including Cro-Magnon, Neandrathal, hobbits, giants and Africa’s Lucy and Zinj” Marinez also shows how there were multiple “Gardens of Eden” and how each continent had its own blend of races, prior to the Great Flood. In fact, many of the happenings before the Great Flood that Martinez and many others had anticipated happening in Europe actually took place right here in what we now call these United States, bringing about what Martinez calls a renaissance culture to all the places of this Earth.

    As i ponder these happenings through the eyes of Suzanne Martinez, i am more and more drawn to conclude as she reveals, there is no “white person” per se, but all of us, regardless of where we have been born, are but a kalidioscope brought together over thousands of years of cross-breeding as we humans roamed the Earth

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