Nat Turner – American Hero or Terrorist? – Village-Connect / You Tube Video – And a Discussion at Suffolk University by Three Documentary Filmmakers.

nat-turner3-jpgreWhat are the distinctions between a freedom fighter and a terrorist? The debate over the meaning of Nat Turner’s slave rebellion has been at the heart of race relations in the United States for the past 178 years.

A frank discussion on Nat Turner exploring what some would call murder and others would call retribution are explored in two videos. The first is by Village-Connect.

Watch the video here

Also,  Charles Burnett, MacArthur Award-winning American filmmaker, Frank Christopher, award-winning producer, director, writer and editor, and Kenneth S. Greenberg, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Suffolk University and Distinguished Professor of History, screen their film Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property and explore the significance of Nat Turner today.

Watch the video here

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