Pity the sad legacy of Barack Obama – Cornell West / The Guardian

Eight years ago the world was on the brink of a grand celebration: the inauguration of a brilliant and charismatic black president of the United States of America. Today we are on the edge of an abyss: the installation of a mendacious and cathartic white president who will replace him.

This is a depressing decline in the highest office of the most powerful empire in the history of the world. It could easily produce a pervasive cynicism and poisonous nihilism. Is there really any hope for truth and justice in this decadent time? Does America even have the capacity to be honest about itself and come to terms with its self-destructive addiction to money-worship and cowardly xenophobia?

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    I listened to Cornel West’s radio interview with sister Kathleen Wells and what I heard was a chitterlings circuit liberal arts rhetorical loser, coward, traitor and whiner.. Here’s why:

    Cornel West is a loser for grandstanding for Tavis Smiley. He is a coward because he sat at the same table breaking bread with Minister Louis Farrakhan and never opened his mouth about what the honorable minister had to say about someone like him that chose what he chose.

    He is a whiner because during his radio interview he recommended to the radio host with authority as to what President Obama “should do” and “should be” doing while Cornel West does nothing but perpetrate and grandstand.

    He spoke with authority saying “What President Obama should do” in spite of the fact that Cornel West was very visible on the scene long before Obama hit the radar and even then Black America was fighting for survival, parity, justice and equality.

    If Cornel West knows today what Obama should do, why didn’t Cornel West apply his Religion and African American Studies degree to correct the conditions on the ground before Obama became president of The United States of America?

    It is because Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are cowards and President Obama is not a coward like them.

    President Obama arrived on the front-lines, accessed the conditions on the ground, accepted the challenge, knew the risk and knew the price he would pay in any attempt to correct the conditions on the ground. Barack Obama decided that the price was worth the risk.

    President Obama made his peace knowing that cowards die many deaths, the brave only one.

    Cornel West and Tavis Smiley don’t possess the courage of Obama to reconcile their mind with that type of courage therefore all they can do or all they will ever do is whine, conference and say with authority what someone else “should be doing.” FORGET ABOUT IT!

    Like the cowards of Rosewood, Cornel West and Tavis Smiley hide and grandstand behind rhetorical philosophical BS and contrived conferences. Meanwhile the weak, poor, uneducated, disabled and elderly men, women and children are being corporately gouged, economically raped and systematically eliminated.

    Tavis Smiley wait and watch in the shadows with drooling anticipation and excitement as Cornel West does radio interviews profiteering, protesting and professing with prophetic overtures about what’s going to happen to President Obama when the tea party reaches its climatic pitch or when us weak, poor, helpless, uneducated black people wake up.

    Cornel West says with morbid excitement in his voice that if Obama can’t displace the emerging negative energy arising from the tea party posse that President Obama is going to be left hanging in the wind.

    It never dawned on those two cowards to use their chitterlings circuit liberal arts rhetoric and philosophical BS degrees to rally and deputize black America as the army to the rescue coming to defend Obama against the anti-Obama sentiment emanating from the tea party posse.

    Instead of rallying black America to defend against the rising anti-Obama sentiment the treacherous coward via his radio interview is calling for black Americans to bring even more pressure to bear against President Obama.

    Consider this:
    Cornel West is a black man with an African American Studies degree in the era of a 21st century sitting black president and when given the choice to choose which president exemplifies to him the epitome of what represents his black American ideals he selects Lyndon Baines Johnson’s fanny to kiss.

    On my block that’s called treason and his radio interview pretty much evidences that Cornel West is a chitterlings circuit liberal arts rhetorical loser, coward, whiner and traitor.

    Cornel West’s view from Rosewood that black Americans view President Obama, as a symbolized black-faced gesture is an example of what a useless degree in African American Studies will do for you

    President Obama is not a symbolic president. President Obama has real power and he has the final say.

    President Obama is a viable and highly intelligent person. He has read Undercover Smart and he uses his presidential powers without reservation, supervision or permission.

    For dessert President Obama won the noble peace prize without even trying.

    Cornel West as Director of African American Studies at Princeton University on the other hand is under constant watch, monitoring and scrutiny by strict European supervision. Cornel West has no real power or authority and for dessert he serves as a lackey for Tavis Smiley.

    Cornel West’s African American Studies Degree, position and title at Princeton are as worthless and useless to black American interest as he is especially when integrated with real time applications and scenarios.

    In an address given in Toledo, Ohio by the honorable Louis Farrakhan here is what the honorable minister said more or less about anyone that would pursue such a degree.

    “Black people go to college and get a degree in African American Studies, What is that? It is a degree you will never use. You put the letters BS behind it and then you add PHD behind that and now you have a useless degree that is piled high and deep in BS.”
    Minister Louis Farrakhan
    Toledo, Ohio

    The Minister was correct in his assessment because Cornel West’s African American Studies degree does not recognize that being “prophetic” is clearly defined as “the foretelling or predictions of things to come.”

    When radio host sister Kathleen Wells used the word “prophetic” to describe and clarify her statement, Cornel West along with his useless African American Studies degree demonstrated his worthlessness by admonishing her with an ignorant and incoherent correction.

    She outsmarted Cornel West by readily accepting his layman explication of the word for the sake of not competing with his ego, false sense of security and fake accomplishments.

    Sister Kathleen Wells cut him short, out maneuvered him, out smarted him, and moved him right along.

    My name is Enoch Mubarak. I implore Cornel West and Tavis Smiley to stop perpetrating with worthless degrees, positions, titles and foundations.

    Stop waiting for the president to fall and please, Cornel West by “any means necessary” stop grandstanding for Tavis Smiley.

    Cornel West has a degree in religion but is not smart enough to jump ship on Tavis Smiley especially when the Nation of Islam refused to endorse THE COVENANT WITH BLACK AMERICA for lack of having any spiritual worth.

    When the black churches were being burned to the ground, 30 black preachers went running, screaming and crying to the Attorney General for protection but where was Cornel West with his degree in religion?

    As always he and Tavis Smiley are hiding in the forest of Rosewood while Cornel West professes to sister Kathleen Wells how President Barack Obama needs to visit the black church and be saved.

    The sun has set on you treason-ist backbiting cowards. ENOCH HAS RISEN!

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