Race Baiting 101 – Matthew Cook / You Tube

Matthew CookRace Baiting 101 is a short documentary that obliterates conservatives and exposes real race baiters.

We have all seen comment threads, headlines, and news scrawls with the term “race baiting” or race baiters”. We have had to endure the sound of many conservatives using the term. It’s a buzz word now used to trump the older term “Race card.” It is infuriating to most people who have even a modicum of historical knowledge concerning race and racism in America. Matthew Cooke is a filmmaker. He’s a pretty damn good filmmaker. He has made a short film called Race Baiting 101 and it has been making the viral internet rounds. If you haven’t seen it you should. It’s a moving piece of activism on his part. He breaks down the history of “race baiting” in America, drawing mostly from Howard Zinn.

Walter Einenkel

Watch the video here

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