Race Inquiry Digest (July 10) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature –  The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump’s Warsaw Speech. When the president says being Western is the essence of America’s identity, he’s in part defining America in opposition to some of its own people. Read more 

‘The ghetto is the gallery’: black power and the artists who captured the soul of the struggle. What part did black artists play in America’s civil rights struggle? They reinvented Superman and took a seven-mile artwork through Harlem. Read more 

Study: cities rely more on fines for revenue if they have more black residents.  The study also offers a potential solution: Elect more black people to local government. Read more

An International Brotherhood of White Grievance. Trump’s alt-right speech in Poland redefined the West in nativist terms, eschewing democratic idealism in a favor of  “blood and soil” nationalism. Read more  


Coming to Terms With My Father’s Racism. How to find the fragile middle in a time of racial tension. Read more 

In the Face of Racism and Poverty Black Parents Struggle To Support Their Children in Achieving Success. A 2015 study found that racial disparities in school readiness, “in terms of math, reading, and behavior,” are improving for all groups of children, “except for Black kids.”  Read more 

KKK Charlottesville Rally of Around 50 People Met by More Than 1,000 Protesters. Charlottesville has emerged as a flashpoint in a national debate about what to do about Confederate monuments. This was not the first time protesters gathered to protest the removal of the Lee statue. Read more. 

Racism Is Everywhere, So Why Not Move South? In 2014, the top states that black millennial migrants moved to were Texas, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. California remained the only state among the top five outside the South. The pattern is different for their white counterparts. Read more 

Sally Hemings wasn’t Thomas Jefferson’s mistress. She was his property. Archaeologists at Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia plantation, Monticello, are unearthing the room where Sally Hemings is believed to have lived, allowing for a new way to tell the story of the enslaved people who served our third president. Read more

Summer Reading For Your Woke Kid. We’ve compiled a list — with help from Teaching for Change — of books that frame big issues through a lens children can understand. Read more  

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