Race Inquiry Digest (June 29) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature –  The Fight for Health Care Has Always Been About Civil Rights. In dismantling Obamacare and slashing Medicaid, Republicans would strike a blow against signature victories for racial equality in America. Read more 

GOP Health Care Plan Crushes Working-Class Blacks and Whites, but Not the Middle-Class Whites Who Elected Trump. Contrary to the media narrative, wealthier whites, not poorer ones, formed the GOP’s 2016 voter base. Read more 

The words ‘I thought my life was in danger’ allow police to kill black people without fear of reprisal. When the police officer assumes the power of the slave master. Read more 

Has a Civil Rights Stalwart Lost Its Way? The Southern Poverty Law Center—led by charismatic, swashbuckling founder Morris Dees—is making the most of the Trump era. But is it overstepping its bounds? Read more 

James Baldwin FBI Files: How the Author’s Fearlessness Led to a Decade Long Witch-hunt.  William Maxwell, a major scholar of the FBI shows in his new book that, from the 1960s through the mid-1970s, the bureau treated James Baldwin as a “civil rights VIP.” Read more 

African Americans Have Lost Untold Acres of Land Over the Last Century. Driving the long, flat roads of Hilton Head Island is hypnotic. One bike-rental shop blends into another; black families use to own this land. Read more 

Black Girls Are Viewed As Less Innocent Than White Girls Starting At Age 5: Study. The “adultification” of black girls leads to harsher disciplinary treatment, researchers found. Read more 

Philando Castile’s Family Reaches $3 Million Settlement. ” The death of Philando Castile is a tragedy for his family and for our community,” the statement from the city of  St. Anthony, Minnesota, said. Read more 

School Districts Fight Segregation on Their Own. One hundred school districts are promoting integration by taking socioeconomic status into account as they assign children to schools. Read more 

Rising Star : The Making of Barack Obama. Rising Star is the definitive account of Barack Obama’s formative years that made him the man who became the forty-fourth president – from the Pulitzer Prize – winning author of Bearing the Cross. Read more 

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