Race Inquiry Digest ( June 5 ) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature –  The Myth of the Kindly General Lee. The legend of the Confederate leader’s heroism and decency is based in the fiction of a person who never existed. Read more

Portland isn’t Portlandia. It’s a capital of white supremacy. While Portland is indeed progressive on many political issues, it is still the whitest large city in America — and that’s by design. Read more  

When America Barred Italians.  They were compared to lower primates and were thought to commit more violent crimes when they arrived in the United States than immigrants from  every other European country. Read more 

African Americans are more likely than whites to develop Alzheimer’s. Why?  Older African Americans develop Alzheimer’s at a higher rate than any other group of older Americans. Read more 

Google Honors War Hero, Civil Rights Icon Josephine Baker On Her 111th Birthday.  The singer, dancer, and activist is remembered across the internet. Read more 

Georgia Democrat face of party’s southern hopes.  Stacey Abrams, the top Democrat in Georgia’s General Assembly, is among her party’s rising stars vying for a U.S. governor’s mansion next year. Read more  

What We Have Unleashed. This year’s string of brutal hate crimes is intrinsically connected to the rise of Trump. Read more 

The Forgotten Legacy of Bill Lucas. The Atlanta Braves executive became the first black man to run a Major League Baseball team—but few have followed in his footsteps in the last 40 years. Read more 

LeBron’s defaced gate brings racism into focus. The N-word is never about an individual, it’s about the collective. Read more 

The Radical Poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks, the First Black Author to Win a Pulitzer Prize. Her poetry portrayed African American life in a complex and vulnerable way. Read more 

National Urban League State Of Black America Town Hall Recap. WATCH a recap of the National Urban League’s Town Hall featuring Touré, Angela Rye, Symone Sanders, Jeff Johnson, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Paris Dennard, Angela Sailor, Roland Martin and Marc Morial. Read more  

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