Race Inquiry Digest (November 8) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – America, Now More Divided Than (Almost) Ever. The winners and losers of the 2018 midterms. Democrats captured the House and the GOP kept the Senate. The results portend the challenges the parties—and President Trump—will have in 2020. With the exception of Young Kim in California, every Republican who won a competitive House, Senate, or governor’s race is white. A historic number of female voters propelled a historic number of women into office. Edward-Isaac Dovere / The Atlantic Read more

BREAKING: Florida overturns Jim Crow-era felon disenfranchisement law. More than 1.4 million ex-felons won the right to vote. Kira Lerner / ThinkProgress Read more

When the dreaded ‘other’ is an angry white man. Angry white men seeing “primitive aggressions” in others that they refuse to see in themselves: Psychologists have a name for this kind of pattern. It’s called projection and happens when people or groups of people project hidden or repressed elements of themselves onto others. From left, the men accused of the Kroger shooting, Gregory A. Bush; the Tallahassee yoga shooting, Scott Paul Beierle; and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Robert Bowers. John Blake / CNN Read more

White Supremacy Can’t Be Untangled From Anti-Semitism. According to the Order ― and to the white supremacist groups that have inherited its ideology ― Jews are the principal enemy of white supremacy. Talia Lavin / HuffPost Read more

Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk (and Why Geneticists Are Alarmed). White nationalists want to draw attention to a genetic trait known to be more common in white people than others — the ability to digest lactose as adults. Using genetics to assert the purity of the “white race” has attracted new interest in this age of DNA testing. Amy Harmon / NYT Read more

Legacy Admissions Offer An Advantage — And Not Just At Schools Like Harvard. Today, Harvard and other elite American universities say they rely on legacy status in the same way they use race or other student characteristics: as a means of fostering a healthy and diverse campus and alumni community. Critics say the practice tends to favor affluent white students. Max Larkin and Mayoma Aina / NPR Read more

Lost-Found ‘Negro’: Never-Before-Seen Chapter From Autobiography of Malcolm X Open to the Public. Malcolm X, Muslim leader, addresses a rally in Harlem in New York City on June 29, 1963. Angela Helm / The Root Read more

Civil rights groups call for tech firms to crack down on hate groups. Tech companies have begun to block hate groups but some executives have publicly grappled with whether they should determine who can speak or make money online. David Ingram / NBC News Read more

New Study Reveals White Evangelicals’ Troubling Beliefs On Race And Immigration. Echoing Trump’s rhetoric, many white evangelical Protestants say immigrants threaten American society, a Public Religion Research Institute study found. Carol Kuruvilla / HuffPost Read more 

How The Fugitive Slave Act Ignited A ‘Struggle For America’s Soul.’ Author Andrew Delbanco says the 1850 law paved the way for the Civil War by endangering the lives of both escaped slaves and free black men and women in the North. His book is The War Before The War. Terry Gross / NPR Fresh Air Podcast Listen here

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