Race Inquiry Digest (September 15) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Featured – Inequality crisis: Blacks and Latinos on the road to zero wealth. No savings, investments or home equity. This economic dystopia looms for minority families, and so does a choice: Do we want America to be more like Brazil or Canada? Read more 

What Anti-Semitism in America Looks Like From Israel. Because of Israel’s circumstances and assumptions, Israeli Jews haven’t developed the same sensitivity and ear for anti-Semitism that Jews elsewhere have. Read more 

Sports is a hub for protests against racism. ESPN shouldn’t silence Jemele Hill. My name is Dave Zirin. I’m a sportswriter. And I think Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Read more 

White supremacist have been marching in President Trump’s name. Literally. Disavowing hate groups won’t work if they still see him as an inspiration. Read more 

The NFL is being squeezed by boycotts from both sides over anthem protests. There’s no easy fix for a league with a majority of black players and a mostly white audience. Read more 

Sloane Stephens Heralds Arrival of New Generation of Black Women in Tennis. Whether reluctantly or not, Serena may be passing the torch of tennis greatness to Stephens, one Black woman to another. Read more   

On White Identity Politics and American Terrorism. We cannot move forward until white citizens claim their history. Read more 

Looking ‘Beyond The Big House’ And Into The Lives Of Slaves. The upstairs porch of Anne Blessing’s home in Charleston, S.C., has been a stop on a popular historic home tour. For the first time, visitors will tour the kitchen where enslaved people once spent most of their lives toiling over hot fires. Read more 

The End of America’s White Majority Is Near: What are the Implications? The Unites States’ increasing ethnic diversity will lead to whites becoming a racial minority in America before mid-century, demographers predict. Read more 

The Resegregation of Jefferson County. What one Alabama town’s attempt to secede from its school district tells us about the fragile progress of racial integration in America. Read more 

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