Race Inquiry Digest (June 25) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Feature – The GOP’s Racist Rot Began Long Before Trump. The Republican Party is in tatters. After spending decades investing in hyper-partisan, mean-spirited political shenanigans that gave safe harbor to white nationalists who believe this land belongs solely to them, they may finally pay a price for callously putting a madman in the Oval Office. Read more 

G.O.P. Wants Hungry Kids to Fund Tax Cuts. After tearing apart immigrant families until shamed by international outrage, President Trump and his party have now turned to endangering vulnerable American children. Read more 

Slaves knew ‘the fearful anguish of broken hearts’. In Trump’s America, migrants do too. Family separation was a key tactic of the 18th- and 19th-century slave trade. Now, another cruel regime has used it. Read more 

How Latinos Are Shaping America’s Future. They’re the focus of the immigration debate. But across the nation, Latinos are rising to power and offering a glimpse of what’s ahead. Read more 

Mainstream media’s moral cowardice: Time for the Times (and everyone else) to stand against evil. In covering Trump, media too often defaults to lazy what-aboutism. History tells us cowardice will be punished. Read more 

Why the N.F.L. and the N.B.A. Are So Far Apart on Social Justice Stances. In 2016, Colin Kaepernick protested quietly before an N.F.L. game, causing an uproar. In 2014, before an N.B.A. game, LeBron James protested, without repercussion, the death of Eric Garner, a black man who had been held in a headlock by the police for selling single cigarettes. Read more 

Return of the Blood Libel. The speed of America’s moral descent under Donald Trump is breathtaking. In a matter of months we’ve gone from a nation that stood for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to a nation that tears children from their parents and puts them in cages. Read more 

DeVos Has Scuttled More Than 1,200 Civil Rights Probes Inherited From Obama. Our data analysis shows that the Trump administration is less likely than its predecessor to find wrongdoing by school districts on issues ranging from racial and sexual harassment to meeting educational needs of disabled students. Read more 

An Electoral Vision for Black Lives.  It’s an election year and the prevailing wisdom has it that the coming “blue wave” will sweep Democrats back into the majority in the House and possibly even the Senate. But a growing number of black political organizers are asking: will more blue dots on the Congressional map mean our policy priorities will be represented? Read more 
Small banks discriminate against people of color. A new law makes it worse.  President Trump and Congress continue to chip away at regulations for financial institutions, arguing, in part, that these moves will support small and community banks. However, community banks’ racially discriminatory patterns are well-documented when it comes to locating branches and making loans. Read more  

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