WATCH: Killing the Trump within: White dudes, it’s time to summon your inner Skywalker! Baynard Woods / Salon

white-male-trump-jpgreEvery man — especially every white man — can identify with Trump’s misdeeds more than we’d like to admit .

Remember that scene in “The Empire Strikes Back” where Luke Skywalker fights with a simulated Darth Vader, cuts off the villain’s head, and finds his own face inside the helmet?

I’ve been feeling that a lot lately watching Donald Trump, who is, as of this writing, still the Republican nominee for president. He is such a virulent example of white American masculinity that it can be easy for all of us less blustery and ostentatious types to distance ourselves from him. He is everything we hate, it is true, but partly because we recognize all our own worst qualities in him.

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